Save on your electricity:

Company History

About DPL Energy Resources

Who Is DPL Energy Resources?

DPL Energy Resources is a certified retail electric service provider that has saved home and business owners money on generation and transmission service through the years. Now a part of the IGS family of brands, we continue to provide smart energy options at a competitive market-based cost to our customers. 

Serving Ohio

DPL Energy Resources and IGS Energy is licensed to serve Ohio’s regulated utility customers. We are heavily invested in Ohio with employees who live, work, and play in our state.

How Does It Work?

DPL Energy Resources supplies the generation and transmission of our customers’ electricity at competitive rates.

Delivery of electricity to homes and businesses is regulated and can only be provided by your local utility. Like all other certified retail electric service providers in Ohio, we are not the utility. We can only provide generation and transmission services to our customers.
Your local utility company is regulated with rates for electric generation service fixed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.  These utilities generally provide rates that are often variable and fluctuate with market conditions.